The Secret of Jai’s Success

May 22, 2023

Over many years of hard work and dedication to his craft, Jai Hay has built a reputation as one of Hobart’s finest jewellers. 6 years ago, Jai took his name and hung it above his very own store, a testament to his skills and the next step of his journey creating fine jewellery for those with an eye for beauty and quality.

Although Jai’s name hangs over the door, he is the first to acknowledge that he does not walk his journey alone. Jai has a great team behind him, all contributing to the success of the business, and all playing an important role.

Not all that long after opening his doors, Jai was lucky enough to employ a first year apprentice, Emily Duggan. From small but promising beginnings, Emily has grown with the business, under Jai’s wing (you knew he was a bird right?) to become a core part of the business and second in command.

With Jai’s teachings and guidance, Emily has proven to have exceptional talent on the bench, now entrusted with producing much of the jewellery that leaves the workshop. Jai’s reputation and name are at the very heart of his business, and it is without hesitation that he entrusts Emily and her workmanship to represent the fine quality and value that the Jai Hay name is well known for.

Inspired by a classic Jai Hay design, the two rings below continue this tale of trust, this time, as so often is the case, a trust between the customer and the team at Jai Hay Jeweller.

The ring on the right barely resembles the item that was brought in for a redesign, the customer was never quite happy with the original ring that she had made elsewhere. With beautiful materials to work with, Emily has redesigned the ring into the work of art that can be seen below. So happy with the remake, the customer soon returned with another ring, set with an equally fine family diamond. The end result of the second redesign is the ring shown on the left, displaying not only the versatility of design, but the trust that the customer has placed in Emily to redesign and skilfully craft her precious jewels into these much loved rings.

Like the designs? As can be seen, the same base design can be very flexible, and always turns out looking stunning. Drop in to the store and see what Jai Hay and his team can create for you.

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