Relove that treasured heirloom


Is that treasured family heirloom looking its age?

Jai Hay Jeweller can repair or refresh your much-loved piece by restoring it to its former glory or revamping it into something new and updated. Why not wear that precious piece that once belonged to loved ones and previous generations?

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Up-cycle, re-cycle and update that old piece of Jewellery

Jai Hay Jeweller specialises in bringing those old tired, or broken pieces back to life. We can remake and reuse your old jewellery to create a new individual piece. We can produce anything from a contemporary twist to completely transforming and reusing your old gold and loose precious gems.

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Jai Hay Jeweller can repair your precious but damaged jewellery, bringing it out of the drawer and back into your collection, where it belongs.

Common repairs include:

  • Ring resizing
  • Gemstone resetting
  • Re-soldering of breaks
  • Cleaning and polishing
  • Pearl re-threading
  • Watch repairs
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Benefits of Restoring and Remaking

  • Re-cycle your old gold jewellery and gemstones. It can save you a fortune
  • Re-use give a new lease of life to your old jewellery
  • Re-imagine turn that old tired jewellery into something new and contemporary
  • Re-love that treasured heirloom

The Remaking of the Ring

1. A much loved ring...

2. Cut back...

3. The new outer plate...

4. Prepping the setting...

5. Some new claws

6. Carefully reshape claws...

7. Some new diamonds...

8. Patience, wait for it to set...

9. Finishing and we're done!

Feel confident to bring your jewellery out of the drawer, and back into your collection