Like Jewellery, love and friendship can stand the test of time. Many years ago, while their love was just blossoming, Jai and his wife developed a friendship with another young couple from Bendigo, who had relocated to Tasmania to attend university.

The years passed and, as life would have it, the couple eventually moved back home searching for better opportunities and to be closer to family. Commissioned in secret for Jacqui’s Birthday (one of the big ones), this locket was painstakingly hand crafted by Jai using traditional techniques, something rarely done by jewellers these days.

The production techniques fitting, as the locket is a reproduction of a vintage design chosen by Jacqui’s husband, aware of his wife’s love of vintage jewellery.

Jai was proud of the outcome of his work as the final piece was almost a perfect match to the original. There is no other item of jewellery that truly expresses love, friendship and memories than a locket. Far from its fashionable beginnings as a kind of creepy amulet to ward off evil, the locket has come to represent the timeless bond between friends and loved ones.

Do you have a fetish for really old things that you just can’t find in the shops these days?

Jai and his team can expertly reproduce beautiful jewellery from bygone eras. Drop in and see what they can do for you.


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